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Beaten beans

Beaten beans

I don't think we need weights for this recipe. If it were after my husband I would have to make 2 kg of beans :)))

Wash the beans and soak them overnight. The next day you boil it; after boiling change the water but with hot water, not cold!

Let it simmer, covered, until it is well cooked (the grain must close when you catch it between two fingers). If necessary, add boiling water from time to time.

Drain the water but keep a cup of juice to add if necessary (I didn't have to).

Peel the garlic and a few slices of horseradish. I don't know how much to tell you ... how much you like it: - ??. We like it hot, spicy, others just want it lightly flavored.

Put in the blender and farm ... everything that gets in your way. If you don't have a blender, put it through the meat grinder or crush it with that "tool" with which you make the puree and put the garlic and horseradish on the grater with small eyes.

When you have obtained a homogeneous paste, start adding 2-3 tablespoons and continue mixing with the blender, it will incorporate very well. Put like this ... 3-4 times and adjust the taste of salt.

For me, the pasta was quite "wet"; if it is too hard, add a little more of the water in which the beans were boiled.

Level the beans nicely and prepare the sauce.

In a few tablespoons of oil, harden an onion or two, finely chopped.

Leave it until it gets a beautiful color, slightly golden (be careful not to burn it - beans, not you :))))

Add a bay leaf and about 60 ml of water and reduce the heat to low. Onions should be well soaked. Add a teaspoon of tomato paste, a little salt and turn off the heat.

Ready! See how easy it is?: - ??

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