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Crispy slices of fish with mashed potatoes, broccoli and green pods

Crispy slices of fish with mashed potatoes, broccoli and green pods

For the fish, preheat the oven to 200 ° C. Cut the fish into 8 strips and sprinkle with lemon juice.

In a bowl, mix the cornmeal with the breadcrumbs, grated peel of 1 lime and 1 teaspoon of fish spices. Give the fish strips through the egg and then through the breadcrumbs mixture. Place the fish strips in a pan, sprinkle them with olive oil and bake for 25-30 minutes, turning them on the other side at half the cooking time.

Meanwhile, prepare the mashed potatoes. Boil the potatoes in salted water then drain and puree them with butter, milk, salt and pepper to taste. In a bowl, mix the broccoli bunches with the green pods, grated peel and juice. from 1 lime.

Serve the fish strips with mashed potatoes, broccoli and green pods.

Green beans with garlic & # 8211 aita pod recipe

Green beans with garlic & ndash recipe for aita pods, sheaths, yellow, green pods, fidelita or wide, of any kind. How to make garlic pods? Written and video post recipe.

Improperly said green beans, pod beans can be green, yellow, purple, black, but they are all "green beans" to differentiate it from dried beans or berries.

God, how good it is, no matter the color! And cooked like this, stewed, with lots of garlic, it is a delicious food. I always do, I don't miss the pods in the freezer. I immediately make a delicious garnish or we eat them like that, simle, with polenta and that's it.

Presentation and service

It can be served as a side dish with meat or fish or as a base, fasting, along with polenta or bread.

When I have guests I do more gaskets , which I place in bowls, on the table and each is served with what and how much he wants. In this way, I have a table full of all kinds of delicious dishes, my table looks beautiful, it is rich, everyone can choose what they want.

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Video recipe of bean pods with garlic

Fish pie with mashed potatoes and vegetables & # 8211 English fish pie recipe

Fish pie with mashed potatoes and vegetables is a classic of British cuisine. Pudding with fish and vegetables or fish pie is a very tasty and healthy dish, being cooked in the oven and containing juicy pieces of fish, seafood, boiled eggs and many vegetables. All this is surrounded by a creamy sauce (it can be bechamel or just sour cream).

We studied some variants of the fish pie presented by the famous Marco Pierre White, Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver and we took elements from their recipes. One thing is common to all: the mashed potato crust that covers this pie (similar to Shepherd's Pie & # 8211 Shepherd's Pie or French Hachis Parmentier ). In fact, it is a pudding with fish and vegetables hidden under a generous layer of mashed potatoes.

The red crust, sprinkled with grated cheese (which is au gratin when baked) is actually a classic mashed potato, prepared with butter (or butter and olive oil), milk, salt and a little grated nutmeg. In some recipes, mix raw egg yolks in this puree. I'm not a fan of the cheese-fish combination but I tried it this time to keep the authenticity of the recipe.

Fish pie is a kind very suitable for the cold season and very practical for those who do not have time to cook a lunch or dinner composed of several dishes. I say this because in one bowl we also have meat, creamy sauce and 2 garnishes of vegetables!

How to Make Pasta Salad & # 8211 Tips & Tricks

1. What ingredients can be replaced in this fasting salad recipe?

To complete this pasta recipe, how about adding some protein?

To make this recipe richer in protein, you can use seafood. I like fresh or canned shrimp, but it also fits the tuna, salmon, crab or surimi as well.

For the vegetarian version, you can try boiled eggs or canned beans.

And if you have any meat left over from dinner, you can easily use them in this salad. You can even go further and fry some crispy bacon for even more flavor and texture.

You can easily add extra vegetables or replace the ones already in the recipe with the ones you like. For added freshness, I would add peas, green onions, cucumbers, kale or steamed broccoli. For extra sweetness, apples are very suitable, or grated carrots, even cherry tomatoes.

And for something wow, why not put hot peppers? You can balance the speed by adding avocado. Or when I feel like something more strongly flavored and saltier, I add olives (green, black or kalamata) or capers.

For more freshness, I would even add dill, parsley or coriander.

If you can eat dairy products, then add your favorite cheese. I love moldy cheese or feta cheese in this combination. But cheddar or parmesan are also very suitable.

Also, if you are not vegan or fasting, you can use normal mayonnaise instead of the herbal one I used. And you can replace coconut yogurt with Greek yogurt or sour cream.

When it comes to pasta, the short ones, such as pennele, Ditalini, Conchigliette, Orechiette, Chiocciole are the most suitable to better absorb the sauce.

You can make this fasting salad recipe with gluten-free pasta without having to replace another ingredient.

2. How to make this recipe for Paleo and Whole30 pasta salads

The pasta salad recipe is already vegan, to make it Paleo and Whole 30, you just have to replace the pasta.

Pasta suitable for Paleo or Whole30 recipes is most often made with almond flour, tapioca, farm eggs, baking soda, cream of tartar and salt. These ingredients are quite healthy and suitable for diets. They are also very tasty in combination with the rest of the ingredients in this pasta salad.

But make sure you check all the ingredients when making the pasta salad recipe when you are on one of the diets. For example, if there is sugar in pickles, you can replace them with fresh cucumbers. And for extra salt, add capers.

Don't forget to check the mayonnaise and mustard, to fit the diet you follow.

3. How to make a spicy fasting salad recipe

For a spicy pasta salad, add your favorite spicy sauce to the dressing.

For extra texture, add hot peppers.

Or, another method is to add chilli powder.

4. The best spices for pasta salad

I like to add an extra flavor to the pasta salad, seasoning it a little. My favorite combination for seasoning the sauce is garlic powder, chilli flakes, salt and pepper. You can also add onion powder or smoked chilli powder.

5. Next to which you can serve this pasta salad

Being a very versatile fasting salad recipe, it can be served with almost any entree.

For a hearty fasting dinner, serve it with cauliflower in the oven.

If you are a fisherman or have a fish release, you can serve it next to salmon fillets or sea bream. And if you want to keep it as a salad and serve it in a bowl, you can grind the fish and add it as an ingredient in pasta salad.

I also like to eat it with chicken or tuna skewers. The salmon ones also fit very well. Even the most capricious children will love this salad!

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That's all for today, my dears! Enjoy this vegan salad recipe whenever you want something light but still satisfying, for lunch, dinner or as a snack.

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Preparation Vegetable cream soup with mushrooms

Things go fast so in a few minutes I cleaned and washed the potatoes and carrots and cut them into pieces, respectively slices. It doesn't matter how big the pieces are because they will be & # 8222blended & # 8221. How the hell do you say it correctly in Romanian ?? I placed the potatoes and carrots in a soup pot, along with the butter and a little salt. I put the pot on the fire and smothered the pieces in butter.

In the meantime, I chopped the broccoli stalks (I kept the bouquets for the end) and threw them in the pot. I sautéed them for about 3-4 minutes.

The latest additions were sliced ​​mushrooms and a piece of sausage. Fine and colorful flour!

I poured 2 L of water over them, I added salt (1 teaspoon), I sprinkled a little white pepper and I left the soup to boil. How? About 20 minutes timed from when it comes to boiling. However, the carrots and potatoes are tested with a fork. What color is the flour from carrots! Okay, the soup boiled. It has a great aroma of smoked sausages & # 8211 even though the piece of sausage was embarrassingly small.

I am going to put the vertical mixer in it to become a cream. Wait, I want to keep the mushrooms and the sausage whole (please, the sausage will be sliced). I picked up the slices of mushrooms floating on the surface of the soup and the piece of sausage. They will be decorated when served.

I mixed the rest of the soup well with the vertical mixer (you can also process it with a blender) until it became fine and creamy and I put it back on medium heat, heated it. Also now I put the broccoli bouquets & # 8211 if you have more it's even better. This way they will remain green and crisp, will not soften and will not change color. I poured the cooking cream into it and put out the fire. Is ready! I cut thin slices of boiled sausage and put them back in the soup, along with the & # 8222fished & # 8221 mushrooms.

Video: Φιλέτο Τσιπούρας Με Σταμναγκάθι Και Αβγολέμονο Ζαμπαγιόνε του Πάνου Ιωαννίδη. (October 2021).