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we prepare the worktop as follows:
separate the egg whites from the yolks, beat the egg whites with foam, then add the sugar in the rain and mix until the volume doubles, then add the yolks, one by one, the oil and flour and baking powder, mix until the composition is homogeneous, put the resulting composite in a form cake lined with flour and bake for about 30 minutes, check from time to time doing the test with the toothpick.

after baking, let it cool.

in the meantime we make the cream like this:
mix the eggs with the vanilla sugar.

prepare the gelatin according to the instructions after the package, then add it to the yogurt cream, mix until the composition thickens, add the vanilla essence.

then cut the top into 3, and put 2 tablespoons of cream on the first top, a layer of fruit, one layer of cream on top and fruit again, or you can put them directly in the cream, then the other top and repeat the phase with cream, on top decorate with glaze and decorate according to preferences.

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"Mehrzad and Alex's fault"

I made a cake with Alex, and named it "Mehrzad and Alex's Cake"! :)

It took us a long time, but those who tasted it, liked the flavors and tastes used by us! )

Will reveal the recipe! )

(on the "muffin top" principle)


  • 400 g flour
  • 125 g butter
  • 3 eggs
  • 300 ml whipped milk
  • 150 g sugar
  • 1 sachet of baking powder
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 7-8 digestive biscuits

Banana and mascarpone mousse:

  • 150 g mascarpone
  • 2 bananas
  • 300 ml liquid cream
  • (sugar if needed)
  • 3 apples
  • 50 g brown sugar
  • 1 fresh pineapple
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 2 teaspoons of coffee essence
  • 350 g fondant
  • powdered sugar to spread the fondant
  • flour + butter for wallpaper or baking paper
  • plastic foil

You should not be scared by the multitude of ingredients in this cake. It's really very easy to do, you just have to take into account all the stages.

To start, heat the oven to 180˚ C. On low heat, reduce the two cups of water with the sugar. Let it cool, and when it has cooled, add the rose water.

We grind the biscuits and mix them in a bowl together with the flour and a pinch of salt.

Temper the butter in Bain Marie and mix it with the sugar, eggs and coffee essence. Gradually, gradually, using a mixer, we gradually incorporate the beaten milk. The composition will become slightly fluffy.

We then slowly mix this composition with flour, biscuits and salt using a mixer.

Extinguish the baking powder with lemon juice in a separate glass and then mix them with this composition using a spoon. Try to distribute them evenly throughout this composition.

Divide the composition into three equal parts and place them in the oven one at a time at 180 ° C. They should not last more than 20 minutes each. If you have only one shape then you will have to bake it three times in it. Do not open the oven for the first 20 minutes, otherwise the baking powder will not be able to fulfill its role. Do the toothpick test to see if the countertops are made. The countertops do not have to be very thick.

Then take them out on a chopping board, each one to cool.

Blend the bananas and then mix them with the mascarpone at room temperature.

Beat the whipped cream with a mixer until almost the end, add the mascarpone cream and the crushed bananas and continue to mix until they all come together. Add powdered sugar to taste if the liquid cream is not already sweetened.

Cut the pineapple into cubes and fry it a little in the pan. We then drain it in a sieve.

We put the apples on the grater and caramelize them in brown sugar and let them drain in a sieve.

When the countertops have cooled, we syrup them with the syrup from the water, sugar and rose water (which was left to cool). You should not overdo the syrup. The cake will have to stay in the fridge overnight anyway and I assure you that the next day, when the ingredients have mixed better, it will be enough syrupy and only good to eat.

Then add half the amount of banana and mascarpone mousse you come up with caramelized apple.

Add the next countertop (and it will have to be soaked in that syrup) over which we will add the pineapple pieces.

Prepare the cranberry jelly according to the instructions on the package. In 500 ml of cranberry juice you will add 2 sachets of Gelee Cake and 2 teaspoons of honey. Stir continuously with the target. The obtained mixture is boiled for approx. 1 minute. The obtained jelly is poured over the pineapple pieces.

Finally, we add the last countertop (equally syrupy) that we cover with the rest of the banana mousse with mascarpone that we have left.

We leave it in the fridge overnight.

The next day we start spreading the fondant. We spread some plastic foil on the worktop over which we come with powdered sugar. This way the fondant will not stick. We put powdered sugar on the twister / facalet and with its help we spread it as much as we need. I like to always leave the fondant about 3-4 mm thick. I apply it over the cake by pressing very lightly on its base, on its entire circumference.

It remains up to you if you want to play with decorations, food colors, etc.


I really like poppy seeds and I use it whenever I have the opportunity. I put it in this one too cake top with poppy seeds which I used for a delicious cake. It gave it a pleasant taste and a beautiful appearance.

If you are a poppy fan, I invite you to try it, it is very simple and easy to do.

  • for a shape 22 cm in diameter
  • 4 eggs
  • 125 g sugar
  • 125 g flour
  • 2 tablespoons poppy seeds
  • vanilla
  • a pinch of salt

How to prepare cake top with poppy seeds

In a bowl put whole eggs, salt, vanilla and sugar. Mix for 7-8 minutes until the composition becomes consistent, fluffy and light in color.

Sift the flour and then mix it with the poppy seeds. Then incorporate it in two turns to the egg, mixing gently, from top to bottom, with delicate movements.

Grease with butter and line with flour a form with a removable ring of 22 cm and turn the dough, leveling it well. Try to pour evenly, not only in the middle, so the top will not grow much in the middle.

Bake for 25-30 minutes at 180 ° or until it passes the toothpick test. Remove the countertop and leave it to cool on a grill.

Then cut it into 2 or 3 sheets. I always make it the day before, it cuts much better. Enjoy!

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Black Forest Cake


PS. I also made this cake (another recipe) and it is very tasty!

Claudia, because I have to be better for the holidays, I forgive you because you didn't have patience until I posted the Black Forest cake recipe: P

Happy birthday Robert and Happy Holidays

Christ sent!
Nice cake you made! )

Really sent! Thanks for the wishes Dia. Miha, I made the cake more to have a category of cakes, just like you: D I usually make the Black Forest cake like a cake. It's simpler, bigger D and I get rid of decorating too :)

Hello! Today I discovered your sites, I really like them. Recipes are very good and well explained for everyone. When I will be in a crisis of ideas. or suggestions I'll call. Today I'm going to try strawberry muffins (actually cherries) from the freezer.

Hi, Rodica! I look forward to seeing you, even with any criticism, as long as they are constructive :) In case you haven't finished yet, I'll get to work today!

I have a question..
How do you manage to wallpaper the edges. in fact ... around the cake? (with grated chocolate as you did..I mean ..)
I struggle..I twist the cake on all sides and I don't want to be left with the tray in my hand and the cake on the floor :)

:) First of all, try not to hold the cake tray in your hand, I held it on the counter and only twisted it when needed.
I wallpapered the edges with grated chocolate simply by placing it by hand, pressing (very lightly) if it did not stick. Of course, only part of what I was trying to glue was glued. I made some mess at the base of the cake, but in the end I gathered the surplus and that's it :)

Can it be made with other fruits in compote?
What kind of jars do you mean, the smallest or the largest? I don't know their weights to tell you exactly.

Even if the flavor of the cake will not be the same, the Black Forest cake can be made with other fruits from the compote. It's about big jars, I don't know exactly how many grams they have either :) But I noticed that in the market most compotes are found in big jars.

Are you helping me with anything?
In 3 weeks it's my son's birthday, which Robert also calls (I read through your posts that this is also your name) and last year when he turned one year old I prepared the black forest, which was suuuuuupeeeeeeeer yaaaaammmmyyyyy!
Don't want to make a cheesecake? to do it in 3 weeks. pls pls pls pls - Are you giving a gift to your tiz from Bv?

Ama, I promise I'll make a cheesecake in time. It would be a shame for my tiz to celebrate his birthdays without a recipe of mine, we are now establishing a tradition :) I will also think of a way to decorate it to look a bit festive.

Super . Thanks so much. And . It's done . we make a tradition out of it! I don't know what your birthday is, but I gave birth to him on 10.10.2010 at 10 and 10 min. So you see what a lucky boy he is if we make him a special cake 1 By the way, when is your birthday?
Thank you very much

You have nothing to tell me how you feel (these days I will publish the recipe). It was interesting that I was also born on 10. 10.10.1910 :)))) But I ruined everything, I'm on 24.

Make some special cakes! I'll try a few from here. My grandmother makes an excellent cake, and the recipe is "family heritage". I haven't tried to do it myself so far because it seems quite complex to me, but I assisted and helped a few times when my grandmother did it. I'll give you the recipe as my grandmother explained it to me, in case you want to try it. The cake is called "Tree Trunk".
- 10 egg whites
- 150 gr. caster sugar with 5 tablespoons water, boil and make syrup.
Beat the egg whites well (until they are sticky) and put the hot syrup little by little, beating with a whisk until the syrup is finished. Then pour in the rain about 150 g of walnuts given by the machine, mixing lightly with a spoon. The composition is poured into a greased stove tray greased and lined with flour or baking paper. Bake at the right heat. When it is ready, peel it lightly, dust it a little with powdered sugar. It is packed in 3.
- 400 gr margarine Rama
- 400 gr powdered sugar
- 10 yolks
- 6 tablespoons flour
- about 500 ml of milk
- 50 gr. cocoa
-pistachio or vanilla essence.
Make a ciulama from flour and milk (milk is not added at all from the beginning). Boil to thicken. The yolks rubbed with a pinch of salt dissolve with a little cold milk and gradually pour over the ciulamau that is on the fire, stirring constantly to incorporate. It has to boil a few more to be as thick as polenta. Leave to cool, stirring so as not to catch the peel.
Rub the butter with the sugar first with a spoon, then with the mixer. The foam over which the cold ciulamau is gradually placed, stirring continuously with the mixer. Put the pistachio essence to taste.
Fold the top, put the cream in the middle and cover with the edges about 3 quarters of the cream. From the rest of the cream mixed with cocoa boiled with a little water and cooled, dress the cake.
At the end, make zig-zags with a fork and decorate with leaves.

Cristina, thank you for your effort in sharing Grandma's cake recipe. Almost everyone talks to me, and you have now earned this right with a tip and stuffed it) If I have your consent, I can publish your recipe in a column called & & quot; will not be lost in the comments.

Simple and delicious chocolate cake

It's your birthday and you want to make a gift yourself or, on the contrary, go to someone dear and you want to give something good, very good? Try our cake! It is easy to prepare, it is ready in no time and can be decorated by even the most inexperienced of us. & Icircn plus, & icircl you will remember that & acirct you will live, so & acirct is good. The truth is, we can't find the words to praise him anymore.

So we go straight to work and tell you what ingredients you need!

For the countertop

  • 225 grams of flour
  • 350 grams of powdered sugar
  • 85 grams of cocoa
  • 1 & frac12 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 & frac12 teaspoon baking soda
  • 2 large eggs
  • 250 milliliters of milk
  • 125 milliliters of oil
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 250 milliliters of hot water.

For the cream:

Method of preparation:

  1. Our simple and delicious chocolate cake is a miracle from the point of view of preparation, so it will be incredibly easy. Start by preheating the oven to 180 degrees. Grease two 20-inch trays with butter.
  2. To prepare the top, simply mix all the ingredients in a bowl, except the hot water. Use a wooden spoon or an electric wire, until the preparation is soft and has a uniform texture.
  3. Now add the hot water, dripping a little and stirring a little. You don't want to put it on all at once, because you want to create lumps. In the end, the dough will be very liquid do not scare you, this must be its consistency.
  4. That's it, the simple chocolate cake is baked! Divide the mixture between the two trays and place it in the oven for 25-35 minutes or until the cake passes the toothpick test.
  5. When they are ready, take the trays out of the oven and let them cool.
  6. It's time to make the cream. We advise you to start it even while the cake is sitting in the oven, in order to save precious time. Melt the chocolate with the mascarpone & icircn in a saucepan over low heat. Remove from the flame and mix until you get a strong, velvety composition. Leave to cool for 1-2 hours and the cream will spread like a dream.
  7. Pass the blade of a knife over each of the countertops to smooth them. Cover the bottom with a thin layer of cream and place it on top.
  8. Decorate with chocolate and mascarpone cream and whatever else your imagination craves. We chose almond and coconut flakes, so play to your heart's content.

The simple and delicious chocolate cake keeps well in the fridge for 3-4 days and will delight you with its special taste. You won't even think you thought it was that easy! We have also prepared five recipes for chocolate desserts without baking!

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