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Packages with jam - fasting

Packages with jam - fasting

We boil the washed potatoes in their skins. Until the potatoes are boiled, melt the 2 tablespoons of margarine in a larger pan, pour the breadcrumbs into hot margarine and stir continuously for about 10 minutes on low heat, without burning. After removing from the heat, stir a little until the pan cools down a bit (the breadcrumbs burn and after I take it off the heat) and add the sugar, cinnamon and lemon peel.

After the potatoes are cooked, clean them and while they are hot, crush them with 4 tablespoons of margarine and 50 ml of oil (I used a blender), gradually add flour, 1/2 teaspoon of salt and mix the composition by hand. Meanwhile, in a pot, boil water with 1 teaspoon of salt and 50 ml of oil.

Divide the composition into equal dumplings and fill them with jam or marmalade.

The filled packages are put in water when it has boiled and left to boil until it rises to the surface of the water. With the help of a spatula, take them out of the water and put them in breadcrumbs. (immediately, otherwise the breadcrumbs will not stick)

Our company sells both fasting and sweet memorial packages.

Plate, cup, fork, roll, vegetable pilaf, vegetable, fruit, halva / chocolate, plain or mineral water 0.5l, candle

Plate, cup, fork, roll, fasting pate, zacusca, vegetable, fruit, halva / fasting chocolate, plain or mineral water 0.5l, candle

Any package can be customized according to your wishes or after consuming the deceased.

* If you also order the cage from us, the packages will also contain a glass of cage.

Costs differ depending on the quantity, delivery method, type of vessels and suppliers' prices.

For package prices, please contact us by phone at 0767. 800. 685 .

Packages with jam and puff pastry with lard

Homemade puff pastry is my favorite, because I can prepare both sweets and salty appetizers.

For the puff pastry recipe, please enter here.

How to prepare the packages with jam and puff pastry with lard.

1. Spread the puff pastry in a sheet, not very thin, then cut into squares.

2. Put half a teaspoon of jam in each square and join the edges.

3. Bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

4. As soon as we take them out of the oven, we give them powdered sugar. Good appetite!

Packets of nuts

It's been a while since I discovered the famous ones packages with nuts. The recipe belongs to Adi Hadean, where with its unmistakable charm it explains step by step until the final product (original recipe here).

I've discovered this recipe countless times since I discovered it, but I've never been able to post it. These cakes are something dreamy, fine, delicious and big enough to fill you with just one at a time.

I usually make half a portion, which means about 30-35 packages, but for the big holidays we go double.

Step-by-step preparation of walnut packages

Mix the butter with the yolks, salt and flour. You get a sticky dough that will stay in the fridge for about 4-5 hours. I make the dough in the evening and work it the next day.

Turn the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

Balls the size of nuts are made from dough. The balls will become thin sheets after we spread them with the twister. Work with a lot of flour, otherwise the dough will stick to the rolling pin or the worktop.

Beat the four egg whites hard with the sugar. Add the ground walnuts and this is the filling.

Put a tablespoon of filling on each sheet. The edges are given inwards and the ends are tightened. The package is actually in the shape of a tree candy.

The formed packages are placed in a tray lined with baking paper and put in the oven, it being preheated to 180 degrees. Bake for about 10-15 minutes. Keep an eye on them so they don't burn.

Delicious recipes - Lent cake with jam

If you are fasting, but you feel like something sweet, & icircţi we propose this recipe for fasting cake with jam.

125 g margarine
150 g sugar
2 sachets of vanilla sugar
125 g flour
100 g of almond flour
a teaspoon of baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
100 ml soy milk
jam, to taste

Ingredients needed for the filling:

50 grams of flour
40 g of cold margarine
two tablespoons of sugar

Preparation: For the top, margarine, vanilla sugar and sugar mix.

Add soy milk, the two types of flour, baking powder and baking soda. Mix well.

Spread the dough in a baking dish greased and lined with paper. It is then greased with jam, according to preference, according to

For the outer layer mix well with your fingers flour with sugar and margarine. Sprinkle over jam and bake in the oven for 50 minutes. Allow to cool in the tray.

Spring packages (fasting)

I find this recipe a real treat, especially in fasting. They are prepared quickly, and different combinations of vegetables go for the filling, depending on what you have at the moment. I prepared them with purchased pie sheets and this happened after a try when I used rice sheets anyway, I recommend the pie sheets, trust me, even if they break during handling, you can & # 8220rebuild & # 8221, you can use twice, the result after frying will be perfect!


Pie sheets - 1 pack (fasting)
Wooden ear mushrooms - 1/2 cup
Carrots- 1
Celery - 1 piece
Praz- 1/2
Granulated garlic
Oil - for frying

Method of preparation:

1-The dough must be thawed according to the instructions on the package.
2-Mushrooms wooden ears are hydrated in hot water for 15 minutes then chopped.
3-Carrots and celery are grated.
4-The leek is crushed.
5-All vegetables are cooked for 2-3 minutes in hot oil and seasoned with salt, pepper and granulated garlic.
6-Spread one or two sheets at a time and cut (with a rolling pin it is easier) into four squares (see photo).
7-Put a tablespoon of the vegetable composition in a corner of the square and roll (see photo) moisten the outer corner with water, to stick better.
8-Fry in enough hot oil over high heat.

Omelet packages

As you probably know if you follow me, I quite like hot pockets, a type of food made from & ldquopacketele & rdquo!

Of course, I do not mean the ones bought from the store, but their much healthier and more satisfying version, made at home. I've made vegan pizza packs in the past and they've been a big hit, so I decided to try more fillings. And so these omelette packages were born for breakfast.

I consider myself a big breakfast lover, so the idea of ​​packages with omelette I was delighted at first. As you've probably noticed by now, I like versatile recipes, and these packages are no exception. The possibility to replace the ingredients with each other and to deal with what I have in the fridge is super comforting for me.

Our lives are quite busy these days and, although we may sometimes like to cook complex recipes to follow step by step, it is often simply not possible. That's why I love these breakfast packages so much.

This recipe is the quintessence of a quick meal, which can be stored very well in the freezer and which we can use when we don't feel like cooking anything else. I'm sure it will be useful for you too, especially if you have children. We all know that little ones get hungry when you least expect it, so always having something nutritious in the freezer is a welcome option.

In my opinion, these packages represent a more special breakfast - a nicer version of the regular omelette or the scrambled eggs we serve on weekends. But we can serve them and at lunch or dinner, because it represents a balanced mass.

A breakfast rich in protein it's a great option, for several reasons. It has been shown that a high-protein breakfast, eaten regularly, helps in the weight loss process by restoring muscle mass, which, in turn, helps us burn more calories. Also, proteins keep us full for longer, which makes us less likely to want snacks in the middle of the night (a habit of many of us).

In summary, we can all agree that a high protein breakfast has a lot of benefits. That's why these omelette packs are such a good option for the first meal of the day. As you may have noticed by now, eggs are the main star in this story. These packages are basically some small breads stuffed with scrambled eggs. That's it. How simple and how delicious, right?

These breakfast packages offer a very varied range, just like an omelet, in fact. We can add a wide variety of ingredients to the omelet, right? It's the same with these packages. Some super good options would obviously be vegetables of any kind.

My favorites are caramelized onions in the pan, bell peppers or tomatoes. Other delicious and nutritious options would be spinach or aromatic herbs such as parsley and dill. If you feel the need, you can also add cheese & ndash it will melt and it will be extra delicious. If you are vegan, replace the cheese with a vegan version. The same goes for meat. You can add sausage, chicken or sausage to these packages, and if you are vegan, their mock-meat variants. You will thus get a full and tasty breakfast. Or a lunch. Or a dinner. Or even a snack. I go anywhere in the day! & # 128578

These omelette packages are much better than those bought at the store. Why? Because we know what ingredients we used, because we didn't add sugar, because we limited the amount of fat used and we used quality fats. They also have much fewer calories and are much more satisfying. That is, they feel like a real, nutritious meal. And the more vegetables you add, the more nutritious they are.

I like to serve them with an extra portion of vegetables or fruits. I always liked the combination of omelette and fruit served next to & ndash it seems to me that it adds an aesthetic plus, but also a nutritional one. You can choose strawberries, raspberry or cranberries. Or, honestly, any other fruit. After all, our goal is to add vitamins and nutrients to every meal.

And voila! You have a tasty and balanced breakfast that will satisfy your hunger until lunch and make you feel satisfied. Serve it with a steaming coffee. And don't forget to tell me if you liked it!

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Waffles with cocoa cream

Cream: 1 liter of water 150 g sugar 1 piece of rum essence 30 g cocoa 100 g flour 200 g fasting chocolate 150 g margarine. Lent black with jam & # 8211 Recipe VIDEO & # 8211 LaLena. Fasting tart with strawberry jam and recipe caramel cream.

Fasting cake with cocoa leaves and cream. Snow White & rdquo; vegetarian recipe, but without sugar, margarine and cream. The book & bdquo50 fasting recipes & rdquo can be ordered here: 50 de. Mix well then add the jam and mix from. The meringues are easy to prepare, they can be served simple or with different creams, jams or. We present you a wonderful recipe for fasting cake with ness and cola. Prepare the cream: mix the margarine well with the powdered sugar, until. D It is a fasting recipe, very simple, fast, economical and. Exclusively for lovers of cream cakes. Cooking 10 recipes for tasty fasting cakes & # 8211 Orthodoxy.

How to prepare fasting cake with jam and walnuts. Glaze: -2 envelopes of chocolate glaze Dr. Margarina Unirea Original has an excellent taste and helps you make the most delicious sandwiches.

How to make a cake with foil and semolina cream and lemon.

Jam and nut cake (fasting)

Thanks! I'm glad you still like the blog, not just its name :) If you make the recipe in the end, you can tell me how it turned out.

I also make this cake on fasting, it is also called & quotnegresa de fasting & quot. I also made a fasting almond using the recipe for sheets, and the chocolate icing. F tastes! CLAUDE

Woow. looks very good! I will prepare for Sunday.

From what I see, it seems that Laura didn't make the cake after all. BB, I hope you don't change your plans for Sunday too :)

Claudia, I didn't even realize that this jam cake is actually a fasting recipe. All the better! :)) I like that name. post black.

I've done it many times, and now I have it in the oven

I think I should do it too, I must change the picture with the recipe ingredients :)

very good cake came out perfectly. I want to ask you if it was exactly like yours, once I took it, I doubled all your measurements. Did I get the taste wrong? and I always ask

I know, Bledi, I didn't forget - you're a little more Albanian :) Because it was thicker, the cake probably didn't come out exactly like mine. I think it should have been baked in a much larger tray, and the oven temperature would have been very low. It is possible that yours came out a little wetter in the middle, but I think it was ok.

yes that's right it came out thicker and wet and I used a high tray sorry for how I write but I write with google translator and with a dictionary.

Don't worry, not even we Romanians write all the time correctly :) The important thing is that everyone liked the cake, and if you want it drier, next time try to bake it using a tray as wide / wide as possible and to cook over low heat.

I also make a very good cake, but until I saw your recipe, I thought I was doing something wrong because it came out just like yours, not very grown, I thought it didn't grow from nuts because I also put nuts. now I calmed down Daniela

I think nuts also have their share of blame, being heavy. But if you can ever make this jam cake grow bigger, then let me know. Of course, without giving up nuts and without grinding them :)

That's exactly what I was telling you, it's impossible. it does not grow . it is very good and I do it often but it does not grow. and I did it without nuts and it still didn't grow any more. so let's enjoy her goodness

This comment has been removed by the author.

May, man in the pan, although I am a cook, I have never made recipes measured with a jar in my life, but it seems that it works more recently, the recipe is millions, maybe that's why it is measured in a jar, much success still.

Thanks! :) I didn't even think that it might seem strange to measure the ingredients like this, at that time I was just thinking about how to make my jam cake better: D I published the recipe two and a half years ago, that is at the time when I had just started cooking and I was not as relaxed in the kitchen as I am now. Note that I said & quot; relaxed & quot, not & quotpriceput & quot)

& # 8222 We were pressing the tray with a little flour & # 8222, you say. I see you put baking paper in the tray!

That's what I'm saying. :) If you looked more closely, you would notice that there is no baking paper in the tray (it's true that it is not very clear, the pictures are from more than three years ago, from the time when I was a beginner). Finally, even if I had used baking paper, it was really necessary to look for a knot in the rush of the recipe (since this would not influence the recipe at all). Everyone thinks as they want, but I think I would try to write something useful, if I still spent my time writing the comment.

I also have a question: that jar, what size does it actually have? : D She's blonde, she asks, I know, maybe she'll answer me anyway. I want to do it these days, yes, that jar confuses me a bit :))

Of course I answer you - it would have been the culmination not to do it when you need a clarification, since I also respond to messages like the one above :) It's about a small jar (I saw that the world refers to the small as 400, and large as 800).

Mini oven packs in the oven

Prepare the vegetables: chop the cabbage, leeks, green onions, peppers, garlic and grate the carrot.

Put oil in a pan (preferably wok), and when it is hot, add the leeks, onions and garlic, then the meat, all the vegetables and finally, the cabbage. Season with soy sauce, ginger, oyster sauce and pepper. If necessary, add a little water. When the cabbage softens, turn off the heat, put in a strainer and let it drain well and cool.

Cut the rice sheets into 4 squares and cover them with a damp towel. Beat the egg whites in a bowl and prepare a bowl of water.

On a chopping board, place a square of rice leaf, quickly passed through the bowl of water, grease the edges with egg white, put a teaspoon of filling at the bottom edge and roll the corner of the rice sheet so that it covers the composition well. We also bring the sides inwards, so that we have an envelope and we continue to run, taking care to close the envelope very well, greasing with egg white.

Place the packages in a tray lined with baking paper and put in the preheated oven until nicely browned.