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The painter's sandwich

The painter's sandwich

Prepare all the ingredients.

Fresh salad and tomato wash under running cold water and drain on absorbent towels.

With the help of a wide glass in the mouth, we cut the cheese in a circle, and with a sharp knife we ​​make cutouts, giving the shape of the color palette.

We are preparing the sandwich.

Put a slice of salami and a slice of cheese on a slice of bread. We continue with the positioning of the colors (I used pieces of tomato, cheese, olives, salami, green onions, boiled egg yolk). The order is random and by no means mandatory (you can use what you have at hand, from pieces of fresh vegetables to sauces). Cover with the other slice of bread.

It is served simply, with lettuce leaves or with a soft / sticky boiled egg and tea, but it is also suitable for the package.


The sandwich, always at hand

It is said that the best sandwich is the one that traveled with you. Even a common slice of cheese turns into a delicacy when it merges its tastes with the two slices of bread that envelop it, when it crosses the mountains or the paths of adventure. If you add some vegetables, sauces or spices, you are already partying at a traveler's feast.

This formula of consuming fast but healthy packaged food took shape and fame in the time of Lord John Montagu IV, Earl of Sandwich, who consumed sandwiches during card games, but the origins of this preparation can be traced back to the period antiquities. From the rabbi who put crushed walnuts, apple slices, spices and herbs between the sticks or from the meat cut and placed on the slices of bread of the Middle Ages, sandwiches have become a solution for schoolchildren, lunch at work , a good friend at a picnic and even on a diet.

The sandwich at work
Yes, maybe it's the day you didn't have time to cook, and tomorrow you'll still not want to eat anything at random. The situation can be solved in just 5 minutes, with a few ingredients at hand: a can of EVA tone in its own juice, a little feta cheese, a small onion and 3-4 cherry tomatoes, a few olives, lettuce leaves and parsley threads, lemon juice and a teaspoon of Dijon mustard. All will come together in a sandwich that will give you the energy you need, but also the joy of a tasty lunch. In two steps and three moves, the sandwich will be ready. To start, drain the canned EVA tuna and mix it with a teaspoon of olive oil. Separately, mix the lemon juice with the mustard, adding on top of this sauce the onion, tomatoes, parsley and finely chopped salad, cheese and diced olives. Salt and pepper will not be missing from this mixture that can be served on a slice or between two slices of wholemeal bread or with seeds.

The diet sandwich

If you want to lose weight, then it is clear that bread has nothing to do with your diet, at least not white. It's okay, a sadvis with lettuce leaves, zucchini slices, cucumbers or potatoes that successfully replace bread is just as delicious and much friendlier to your figure. Or, why not try a sandwich that uses brown rice leaves? You also need 140 g of grilled chicken breast, half an avocado, raw vegetables, 100 g of cabbage and finely chopped carrots. For the preparation, you will cut the avocado in four, the chicken breast into thin slices and the vegetables into small pieces. You will soak the 4 rice sheets in water for five seconds, after which you will immediately fill them with the prepared ingredients and you will roll them. For the sauce, you will mix 3 tablespoons of natural peanut butter, a tablespoon of rice vinegar, half a tablespoon of hot pepper sauce, a teaspoon of freshly grated ginger and a tablespoon of water.

The mountaineers' sandwich

It is known that when you climb the mountain, you consume a large amount of energy, so carbohydrates and especially proteins are your best friends. For this, you can try to use the omelette in a more ingenious and easier to consume way, preferably as soon as possible because it is easily perishable. For even more consistency, add 115 g of turkey, spinach, mozzarella and bell pepper and the sandwich is ready for an energetic climb.

The schoolboy's sandwich

For children, sandwiches are the healthiest option, but also a delicious choice for supplementing caloric intake during cooking hours. It is good that they are as simple as possible, as compact as possible, but very consistent and healthy. Thus, along with the two slices of bread, a little fish paste obtained from the butter mixture and EVA tone in its own juice, a few slices of fresh cucumber or olives and a thin slice of cheese will be able to support the activity of schoolchildren.

Regardless of the situation, a sandwich gets you out of trouble. Appetizer, lunch, dinner or breakfast, diet or as a healthy portion of energy, the sandwich can be reinvented in thousands of ways related to imagination and needs. Don't avoid it, but always prefer it to fast food!

McDonald's Bavarian Sandwich & # 8217s

I tested the thuringer sandwich from McDonald & # 8217s called suggestive & # 8222bavarez & # 8221 today. Although I had some doubts, the sandwich turned out to be good. The two sausages along with the mustard and fried onions left me with a pleasant and quite authentic taste. The bun intrigued me a little, as if it was from another story. A kaiser bun would have been more appropriate.

Arriving home and reading the list of ingredients, my enthusiasm dropped significantly: thuringians contain only 50% meat, the rest is history. The mustard is good, but, in what color & # 8222zglobie & # 8221 it has, it's hard for me to believe that it doesn't contain dye (it doesn't appear specified in the list of ingredients). Fried onions are present in the global taste and do not bother, the taste of thuringer and mustard being strong. The sandwich is packed in a cardboard box.

The price at the time of writing the article is 7.50 RON.

Ingredient (according to
Carnati Thuringer 80 g & # 8211 pork (50.44%), bacon (11.03%), mice (5.09%), onions, sea salt, spices, parsley, sodium diphosphate stabilizer, sugars (LACTOSE) , glucose), sunflower oil
Long Bun with corn 64 g & # 8211 white wheat flour, water, 5% corn, sugar, refined non-hydrogenated sunflower vegetable oil, yeast, iodized salt, flour treatment agent (emulsifiers: mono and diacetyl esters mono and diglyceride tartar with fatty acids, white wheat flour, anti-caking agent: calcium carbonate, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, enzymes)
Mustard & # 8211 vinegar, water, MUSTARD SEEDS 13%, salt, spices, flavor
Fried onion & # 8211 onion (76%), vegetable oil, WHEAT FLOUR, salt

I appreciated in a positive way the real lack of fried onions that abounds in the presentation of the product.
The elements in the list of ingredients highlighted in capital letters represent allergens and have been taken as such from the manufacturer's website.
McDonald & # 8217s Barbu Vacarescu.

Sandwich Reuben Ingredient:

  • 4 slices of rye bread
  • 4 slices of cheese
  • 40 grams of butter
  • 4 pickled cabbage leaves (choose a cabbage with a pleasant taste, aromatic and not too salty)
  • 100 grams of finely sliced ​​beef pastrami
  • dressing: 2 tablespoons mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon ketchup, 2 tablespoons chopped onion, 1 teaspoon grated horseradish, 1 teaspoon tabasco sauce, 1 teaspoon worcester sauce

Reuben Sandwich Preparation:

For this delicious sandwich, the best quality ingredients are recommended: a good beef pastrami or canned beef of very good quality (I do not trust the canned beef commercially available so I chose pastrami), rye bread without improvers, homemade mayonnaise, etc. The quantities, attention, are for 2 servings.

First, prepare the dressing: put all the specified ingredients in a bowl (picture 1), mix well (picture 2) and the dressing is ready. Taste it, if you like it more spicy, you can add a little chilli, if you prefer it more sour, a little lemon juice (I seasoned mayonnaise with lemon juice beforehand).

To assemble the Reuben sandwich:

1. grease the rye bread slices with soft butter (picture 1)

2. on each slice of bread greased with butter put 1 slice of cheese (picture 2)

3. Place a sheet of sauerkraut on top of the cheese, well drained of excess moisture with absorbent paper napkins (picture 3)

4. the dressing is divided over the sauerkraut leaves (picture 4- if there is still dressing left, it is not a problem, keep it for serving the sandwich)

5. on two of the slices of bread are arranged slices of pastrami or canned beef, layer by layer (picture 5)

Overlap the sandwiches with the meat, respectively the sauce, in the middle and place them on a grill or a medium hot cast iron skillet, pressing them with a weight (I put a cast iron lid on top of the sandwiches).

The sandwiches are turned on the opposite side when the bread takes on a crispy golden crust and is fried to the same stage, then removed from the pan (from the grill), cut in half and served hot, with dressing and possibly some pickles or salad. coleslaw in addition (according to preference).

I assure you, this is not an ordinary sandwich, it is worth trying and once you taste it, you will definitely want to resume it. Good appetite!

The Healing Spring is celebrated on the Friday of Light Week. It is called Good Friday or Fountain. Legend has it that the Mother of God built a well that had water only on Good Friday, because that water was life-giving.

Throughout history, churches and monastic settlements dedicated to the "Spring of Healing" have been built around these beneficent springs. They were erected in memory of the miracles performed by the Mother of God at the spring near Constantinople. There is still today the fountain that gave healing to many sufferers, from emperors to simple people, writes

From the Source of Healing, at the Patriarchal Cathedral in Bucharest, after the Prayer of the Pulpit from the Holy Liturgy, the water sanctification service will be performed. In front of the "Canopy of the Saints" on the Hill of Joy will be placed special containers of 500 liters each with water from the fountain of the Mother of God in the garden of the Patriarchal Residence.

After the consecration of the water, the chaplains and volunteers of the Patriarchal Cathedral will help to bottle the personal bottles of the faithful, from which they will taste water for healing and strengthening of soul and body.

The museum dedicated to the painter Nicolae Grigorescu from Câmpina can be visited online

The museum dedicated to the painter Nicolae Grigorescu from C & acircmpina was digitized by the A10 Auction House by Artmark & ​​icircn in collaboration with the Prahova County Art Museum.

May 15 marks the 183rd anniversary of the birth of the national painter Nicolae Grigorescu, the one who left to Romania the peasantry and the landscapes with an endless horizon, which perfectly reflects the soul of the Romanian village.

By accessing the website, users have the opportunity to enter virtually the house where the painter Nicolae Grigorescu spent the last part of his life and where he made the most remarkable creations - some of which are still on display in the house.

The virtual tour of the house-museum accompanies visitors and begins with the entrance hall, which captures the warmth of the house and takes the viewer to an eastern corner, consisting of works collected by the painter from Istanbul. Octavian Goga or with George Coşbuc.

Also here, viewers will admire one of the large variants of the & bdquoCar with oxen & rdquo. However, the painting workshop remains the most imposing room in the house, being also the largest room, which houses the artist's easel on which rests one of the artist's last works, unfinished: & bdquo & Icircntoarcerea de la b & acirclci & rdqu.

Each room of the house-museum impresses with the series of important works of the artist's creation, left as they were arranged by the painter. The virtual tour offers a memorable experience, and the work of the national painter Nicolae Grigorescu is easier to follow, understand and interpret.

The project to declare Nicolae Grigorescu Day, a national cultural day dedicated to the Romanian fine arts, on May 15, is being debated in the Romanian Parliament. It aims to highlight the creation of the painter Nicolae Grigorescu and to pay homage to the artistic activity and the legacy he left to the Romanian culture.

Read also: The painting & quotCare cu boi & quot by Nicolae Grigorescu, sold for 500,000 lei

Here are three tricks for a perfect breakfast sandwich

Regardless of the camp you are in, the basic rule you need to know about a sandwich is that it should not only be prepared in the shortest time, but should also be delicious. We show you three tricks that will complete the experience of a perfect sandwich for breakfast.

Toast the bread

You've probably read in many places that when it comes to food, textures are just as important as flavors. We often associate good food with a combination of textures. It is a rule that also applies to a sandwich.

Toast is a key element in a sandwich, especially when the "filling" has a soft texture (eggs, melted or spreadable cheese, etc.). There are other options to give the sandwich an extra "rokquocrocanteala", such as vegetables or fried bacon, but none compare to toast.

Grease the slices of bread

A & rdquouscat & rdquo sandwich is a poorly made sandwich. As with a burger, a sandwich should not disintegrate while you eat it. Therefore, we advise you to spread on the slices of bread either a layer of aioli, pesto, guacamole, hot sauce or even butter. Thus, you will make sure that the sandwich remains compact and, moreover, will have some extra flavors.

Be creative!

For many, a classic sandwich contains pressed ham and sliced ​​cheese. It's faster that way, some would say. But even in a time crisis, you have to make room for a little creativity. Try to change the bread or other ingredients you use from time to time, or add new & rdquotopping & rdquo, such as egg or bacon.

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Boil the egg with cold water and salt to prevent the shell from breaking.

Wash and drizzle the lettuce leaves, and wash the tomatoes, wipe with a paper towel and slice.

Slice the cheeses, if they are not already sliced.

When the egg has boiled, cool it, peel it and slice it.

Fry the two slices of bread.

The slice of bread that will be the base is greased with cream cheese, over which is placed a salad leaf, slices of cheese and melted cheese, egg slices, as well as those of telemea, slices of tomato, over which is placed the second lettuce leaf. Cover everything with the other slice of toast, greased with butter on the overlapping side.

The remaining slices (egg, or tomato) will accompany the sandwich on the plate.

The loves of the master

The Dan Hatmanu Art Gallery is hosting a retrospective of the work of the Iasi painter Gabriel Gheorghiu, starting on February 10. Although simply titled Chromatic interpretations, the exhibition hosts paintings belonging to all stages of its creation. As usual, the painter is thrifty with his own work, selecting works that can reconstruct the evolution and the searches / experiences / experiments of creation.

That is why the exhibition gathers the data of a sentimental archive, the painter proposing to tell us tactfully about his childhood and adolescence, about his loves or about Iaşi, which adopted and raised him as an artist. The Master's Loves, the title I opted for, possibly with a subjective charge closer to the spirit of the paintings, is about the life story of an artist who lives his moment with a deep heuristic and reflective intensity, as if it were his last.

& Icircn his autobiographical part is an emotional, melancholic and sometimes sad speech, a perpetual reflection on the romantic motive flee irreparable tempus. Moreover, the author himself glosses on the theme of his romanticism, predicted by the troubadours and resumed Sisyphus, practically in all epochs (historical and creative), by people who are simple and sincere, that is, authentic. The contradiction between him and the tumultuous time of actuality and dissipation of human vertebral values ​​is inevitable, but not definitive, the painter preserving his pedagogical optimism and the hope that the awakening of people and the rediscovery of simple beauties, as the philosopher says, that is, , will be to come & icircntr one day. Nothing is more true, but also more torturous for any & bdquotrestie g & acircnditoare & rdquo (Pascal), the metaphor & icircn that is found in the searches of artists always, but unlike those in the inflection periods.

The loves of the master. He also focuses on his childhood and adolescence, on which he focuses in an emblematic set of paintings for the reflective load of his work. And the two existential stages are remembered with the grace of the philosopher and the finesse of the jeweler, but also with a deep psychological penetration, as a poet of color. The loneliness and torturous dilemmas of the two borders define an essential time, a kind sui generis of genesis with repetition, & icircn which seeks to decipher the ad & acircnci signs of one's own being and the premonitory ones of destiny.

The women in the master's life tell the story of maturity. It is a story told calmly, with a Buddhist wisdom. The painter was reconciled with everything, giving them the democratic chance to be honestly archived and to occupy a place in the history of art. The sensuality of voluptuous women passes discreetly in the background, privileging the affective memory. The woman on the Nile she is a kind of Cleopatra without a scepter, of a frustrated, unsophisticated beauty. Other feminine faces such as brides are caught with delicacy and melancholy in the ceremonial-hieratic moment of the oath of allegiance.

Finally, but not least, on the master's list of loves is the very adopted city, full of memories, overwhelmed by the past and uncertain of the future - the Iasi of the great loves of twilight sorrows. The psychological link of this calm and peaceful city with its implacable, slightly timeless destiny is the state of melancholy. The master loves the city with adolescent voluptuousness and novice curiosity. He came here to bring to mind the memory of the Transylvanian burghs, which became a kind of pattern mentally, the painter assumes to portray the city as a coherent structure, on whose towers and domes he hopes to glimpse the flags of battle or faith. They are no more and will not come, but the painter has the right to believe and to hope, that is why he idealizes the city with a chivalrous grace and recklessness. From this communion of love rises an uplifting and majestic city, full of memories and nostalgia, sometimes fantastic. The city is reg & acircndit and recomposed on the scale of hope, as a Morgana girl sought after & icircn desert. Melancholic and sunny, without contradictions, the story of the city on the seven hills, in the words of Gabriel Gheorghiu, is one of the most beautiful of all that has been said. The old streets or the modest houses are rendered in a Mediterranean light, alive and mysterious, in a poetic way.

The color palette is sometimes solar, sometimes mysterious, always alive and carefully disciplined. The precise silhouettes of the houses, rendered in bright tones, stand next to the sober or the transparent and vague ones, of romantic extraction. Everything is filtered and ordered in its painting, in accordance with clean plastic requirements. Gabriel Gheorghiu's painting is dense and vibrant, allowing a thorough work and a strong construction, well done, to be glimpsed. It is a painting whose deep harmony between color and shape reminds us of one of the classics of modern painting, namely Cezanne.

A painter of atmosphere and reflection, Gabriel Gheorghiu never forgets that painting is first and foremost about color and emotion. That is why his vision is firmly organic.

Mother's inventions: the sandwich that even the most capricious child will devour

A mother from Great Britain created a type of sandwich based on a garlic stick, stuffed with meatballs, with tomato sauce and cheese. Here's how it can be prepared and how much this simple dish might cost you, but which will enter the top of your loved ones' preferences.

Gemma Chadwick shared on a social network the recipe for a hot sandwich, which can be prepared in just a few minutes. Her dish became popular, gathering over 250 comments. Here are some of them: "Well, I know what I'm going to prepare for dinner tonight," I prepared, too, and now my partner is still asking me to cook more, "I want to cook it tonight with pork with BBQ sauce and sauce on top."

The one who made her recipe known on Daily Star Online also stated that all she did was use semi-prepared garlic sticks, canned meatballs, tomato sauce and cheese: & bdquoAll I used was garlic wand, canned meatballs & icircn tomato sauce and br & acircnză & rdquo. Put everything in the oven for 15 minutes: & bdquoIt is easy to do, fast and cheap & rdquo.

Gemma Chadwick also mentioned that the recipe can be prepared with meatballs and fresh tomato sauce & icircn instead of semi-prepared and that, for an extra flavor, & icircn sandwich can be added ingredients such as hot peppers, mushrooms, spinach, caramelized onions, br & ac Gouda or br & acircnză with mold.

As a preparation, for the sandwich will proceed as follows:

  • The sticks will be cut in half lengthwise (be careful not to cut them too deep)
  • & Icircn baguettes add meatballs, tomato sauce and br & acircnza (to taste)
  • The baguettes will be placed in the oven until the flame starts to melt (for about 15 minutes).

In terms of costs, they vary depending on the ingredients chosen, whether they are semi-prepared or homemade:

  • baguette with butter and garlic (60g) semi-prepared - 4-5 lei
  • semi-prepared chicken meatballs (220 g) - 10 lei
  • chicken breast (200g) - 6 lei
  • spicy tomato sauce - 7 lei
  • mix of grated cheeses - 8 lei
  • For a homemade tomato sauce: 3-4 tomatoes (1 leu), salt, pepper, spices (oregano, basil, etc.)
  • For homemade garlic baguette: 1 baguette (1.5 lei), 200 g butter (8 lei), 5-6 garlic cloves (1 leu cap & acircna of garlic), salt, pepper, chopped parsley (1 link- 1 leu)

Along with the above option, you can surprise your loved ones and prepare other meatball sandwiches. Discover the recipes below:

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